Hi, my name is Jerry Lis

I am a counselor who specializes in helping couples on brink of divorce.

As a couples counselor I use different tools that help couples understand each other in more connecting way. 

Being in a relationship often causes our behaviors that we unconsciously absorbed from our families, to emerge. 

The difficulties occur when there is not enough skill to safely navigate the differences in upbringing. I help to name those difficulties and safely get pass the grief, resentment that has built over the years.

Sometimes we have to go deep into memories, sometimes it’s only a matter of skills. Witnessing our partner’s deep process can reignite the compassion and helps to rebuild connections that you long for.

I use different tools for different purposes:

  • As main tool I use Terry Real‘s  Relational Life therapy with couples as a certified coach
  • Working with inner child model and IFS to connect with compassion to our adaptive behaviors
  • Providing safe space with mediation using Non-violent communication
  • Using EMDR informed skills to create resources that can help you when needed
  • Creating space where you can learn and practice new skills

I am no stranger to your problems, I share my own stories from the “road less traveled” to help you navigate between challenges.

I will be thrilled having the privilege to witness the possibilities of change in your relationship.

Let’s work together!