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Marriage and
relationship coaching

Rebuild intimacy and closeness, regain safety. Say good bye to quarrels.

End quarrels

Increase Intimacy

Rebuild closeness


Discover a new way​

Free your relationship from anger and frustration.
Shift from disconnection towards safety, trust and acceptance.
Move from disagreements towards listening and togetherness.
Create a new future for your children.

Jarek I would like to thank you for your help and guidance with our 29 years of marriage - in the last 8 years we had become more an more distant and were considering separation - after 2 coaches and 1 therapist I felt you were our last chance in discovering if there was any way we could reconnect. Within a few sessions you taught us new perspectives and understanding on how to communicate better with each other. We are now on that road to recovery and we will definitely be booking some refresher sessions for the future.
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A plan for effective change

Fast change is what your relationship needs

On the first session we will locate the trigger points

You will get a feel where your relationship is and what has to change and how.

We create a plan

Knowing where you are and where you want to be will help in creating a plan for the journey for both of you.

Inner work, learning and practice

Healing old wounds will help you re-connect on a new level. Learning effective communication will help to rebuild the relationship. And practice is what makes you good at it.

Feel the change​

Fast and deep lasting change. You can experience change even after the first session.


It could be so great! If only the other would change.​

It is possible that being in a worsening relationship you might feel anger, loneliness, frustration.

Each time you try to make the relationship better, you get the opposite results.

In reality, there might be some unconscious forces at play. Those forces can make improvements difficult.  

Those forces might be caused by differences in a way that you both think, talk and communicate.

The relationship got stuck in a seemingly hopeless position.

Talking to someone who can be there for you and is outside of the “system” will move you both into new a direction.

It is difficult - I can relate

Many different marriages - similar challenge

Whenever, in my marriage, we have “one of those days” and forget to use our relational skills. We look just like any other couple.

Finding someone who’s been there and done that, who can show you how to get out of this mess, can change the trajectory of your relationship.

I don’t want to go back to the times where we didn’t know what to do.

Our future looks a lot  brighter and yours can look brighter too.